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What is IPSC?

A high pitched start signal resonates in your ears, your muscles tense and react almost instinctively, your body responds like a well tuned machine as you move from aperture to aperture discharging round after round in a perfectly calculated plan of action. Adrenalin rises as all your senses are awakened – you hear the thunderous roar as primer ignites powder forcing the round from the barrel, smell the gunpowder thick on its trail, you see the rounds hitting their mark. You move quickly to engage the disappearing target before it once again takes shelter, within seconds it’s over. “Unload show clear“ you hear the Range Officer call. A feeling of sheer exhilaration, this is the world of practical shooting!  

The competition of quickly and accurately applying rounds to a variety of targets – moving and stationary - whilst the shooter them self is on the move. It combines the athleticism of competitive sport with the choreography of modern dance and the adrenaline rush of skiing down a double black diamond ski slope.

Like life, the situations are fluid, encouraging flexibility of both mind and body. Practical shooting isn’t beyond your ability. It’s a hobby that can be learned and enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age gender, background, physical condition or shooting experience. In addition to teaching the fundamentals of shooting, safety and the basic techniques of practical shooting, it also encourages the competitor to think and plan as each stage requires a new strategy and approach. Participants will encounter moving targets, targets that react when hit, penalty targets, partially covered targets, obstacles, movement, competitive strategies and other techniques, all a part of IPSC shooting designed to keep competitors challenged and spectators entertained.

IPSC shooting is an international sport, emphasizing safety and safe gun handling, accuracy, power and speed in high-level competitions around the world. Club members become part of a social club where some of the top shooters will gladly share their knowledge and experience providing guidance and tips to all who want to learn. 

The world of practical shooting is all the adrenaline rush you could possibly want.

We invite you to share this awesome experience through Central Gauteng Practical Shooting Association.







What you need to know

  1. Membership is required to access the shooting facilities at Golden City Practical Shooting Club.
  2. Induction Safety Training is MANDATORY for all new members.
  3. Complete the application and online payment.
  4. We will contact you after reviewing your application.
  5. Golden City Shooting Club reserves the right to refuse any application for membership.
  6. Golden City Shooting Club reserves the right to decline application for membership.


  • Eye protection and ear protection are mandatory.
  • You require a firearm of 9mm Parabellum minimum.
  • You require a minimum of 3 magazines, 4 would be better.
  • You require a holster that is on your belt, no inside waist band holsters allowed.
  • Your holster must cover the trigger and must have a retaining strap or system. (the holster must be able to lock the gun in).


  • You may not enter the club premises with a loaded firearm.
  • No handling of firearms is permitted unless under order by a Range Officer.
  • You will not be permitted to use the facility unsupervised until you have successfully completed the Induction Safety Training program and have been signed off by the Club Training Officer.
  • For your own benefit, please ensure that you familiarise yourself with the Terms and Conditions of membership, Code of Conduct and Club Protocol.


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